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Work Ltd

A Unique and Sustainable Charity

Engaging with charities can be challenging for many reasons but from our first meeting at Work Ltd it became clear that the people involved have worked hard to create a safe, happy and welcoming environment. In an organisation where much of their publicity has been produced in-house we were asked how they could better engage and communicate with Students, Parents, Social Workers and Trustees without losing the feeling of family and connection.

Work Ltd have a unique structure so we worked hard with the team to identify the various touch points that would resonate with their target audience and the general public whilst increasing awareness and charitable donations.

Client / Work Ltd and Hidden Gem Cafe

On arrival you're welcomed by the award-winning Hidden Gem Cafe, serving a menu of delicious food and drinks but its what goes on behind the scenes that makes this place even more special.

Work Ltd are a charity who engage with learning disabled adults aged 16+ to develop essential life skills and provide occupational training. The team of tutors, support workers and volunteers work with over 80+ students every week delivering a varied programme of activities with hand-crafted items being designed, made and sold online. Along with outside donations, the profits from the hand-crafted items and the cafe go back into the charity making it more sustainable.

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