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Reaching talent through tech

When a business is experiencing a period of rapid expansion, it’s easy to lose the customer connection that made you successful in the first place. This may not be a priority to many businesses but TribePad is not just any other business. They understood that using acronyms and tech talk wasn’t helping so we were asked to look at their positioning and brand voice to suggest a different way of communicating.

Amongst other projects, we were also asked to create of a company brochure that (because of the fast moving nature of the business) needed to be easily updatable. By introducing some of the key members of staff using portrait photography we aimed to create a connection beyond the tech platform and reminded everyone that at the end of the day, success is all about people and the quality of the journey that they experience.

Client / TribePad

Tribepad supply a recruitment and management platform that is used by more than 20 million people, in 15 languages worldwide. Not many businesses can honestly say that they have disrupted their sector but by working with the biggest and best organisations they are constantly evolving their software to suit different environments and to solve clients problems. Their 'silicon valley' style of business creates an energy and enthusiasm which is exciting to be around.

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