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A Teacher’s Guide

School Trips in South Yorkshire

Creating a piece of communication that represents multiple organisations, each with strong individual brand identities comes with a long list of challenges. When you add the fact that they all offer a varied list of displays, workshops and resources, there is a real chance that the result will end up losing its audience appeal and becoming overly complicated. We never lost sight of the fact that even though we were targeting teachers, the key to its success was to create a fun and engaging piece of communication.

Working with existing images and then reimagining them with the help of illustrator “Geo Law’ created a unified approach that brought all the collateral together. This also allowed us to show key features from each organisation without the need for lots of copy and photographs.

Client / Regional Museums Consortium

Rather than approaching schools individually, Barnsley Museums, Heritage Doncaster, Museums Sheffield, Rotherham Heritage, Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust and Sheffield Manor Lodge came together to create a unified approach to help inform teachers. The numerous sites offer displays, workshops and resources all designed to educate children through experiences whilst linking to subjects in the school curriculum.

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